On Stage, On Air, On and On!  For those interested, here are some photos of my “showtime” journey:

wp-1472512764329.jpgTop: Christmas Concert SFA. Bottom: SFA choir in New York, Madison Square . Garden for Rotary International Convention, representing Texas rotarians 1959

wp-1472512712582.jpg“ToneFedrates” college quartet, Sam Houston State. left to right: Quay Weygandt, Huntsville, TX(tenor), Charles Ryan, Baytown, TX(lead), Jimmy Vann, Rodessa, LA(baritone), Jim Austin Mt. Pleasant, TX(Bass).

wp-1472512308158.jpegTop left, On Air as ‘J Nick Walker (‘The Nite Walker’)at KODA-FM, Houston, TX,1978 and on the right, with Robert Blake after an interview on KORK-AM, Las Vegas in 1985. Bottom, curtain call “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Houston Tower Theater, 1978. I can’t recall the young man on the left, but Bill Hardy was playing the Governor, Larry Hovis (“Hogan’s Heroes”) was our first Melvin P. Thorpe and J Nick Walker(Jim Austin)was Senator J. T. Winwoah.

Of all the experiences GOD provided, my years at Stephen F. Austin and Lamar, teaching in Bryan Public Schools, will be my most precious time. Just as the children of Israel were given a King, I was given some great opportunities. For a time, I basked in the glory of the success, but when I really spent time in HIS WORD, did GOD reveal just to whom all that honor and praise was due. It is amazing, just how dumb man can be about accomplishments, donchaknow. Now, each breath I take is a gift from a LOVING GOD, and each of these great memories, I dedicate to HIM. “To GOD be the glory for the things HE has done!”.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN


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