Wanda, the Ambassador

img_20160831_1121008_rewind.jpgExstrem hearing loss doesn’t stop Wanda from greeting everyone, everyday, with a back rub or hello. She has learned those who refuse the back-or-shoulder rub, but they still get a friendly hello. She doesn’t spent time to chat since she can’t hear what another says, and not everyone is fond of Wanda. They consider her “forward” and “too friendly”. They doubt her sincerity, but I know she has a heart of gold and really loves others. I wish she could find a good hearing device. I have found one and even though I am a proponent of the one I found at Sam’s Club, most people would just prefer to respond with a “Huh?”. I have been accused of using hearing loss to the advantage of responding to only the things I wish to, but that isn’t totally true, donchaknow. We are welcoming a lot of new residents and Wanda sees to it that everyone is made to feel at home. Along with her and Jessie, we are in good hands with these “royal ambassadors”.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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