ROSEMary She sits on a chair in  our lobby every day.  She is quiet and elegant, always dressed  “Sunday-go-to-meeting” with a color-coordinated rose in her hair. That’s our “Rose”Mary. She has been wearing roses in her hair for over 80-years. The only exception was when she was employed. She told me that she would have worn her rose even then, but the ‘boss’ didn’t like it, so she wore one to the front door of the store, put it in her purse and once her work day was over, she put that rose in her hair just as soon as she walked out the door. She has a drawer-full, some were gifts from folks who loved her just as I do. Everyone has a uniqueness, all we have to do is take time to get to know them. There is also a quality of dignity in the elderly. Few text and that leaves them out of ‘conversing’, but it thrills when someone takes time to just visit. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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