The Breakfast Club


Breakfast, here in the Village, is not the most popular with the ladies, but some join a few men and enjoy Chef Blaise and Mama Maxine’s ‘Down Home Goodness’ with all the most delicious goodies you can imagine.  The first morning I dined, I thought MattieT was in the kitchen.  Pancakes, sausage, ham, eggs, grits, cream of wheat, oat meal, bacon, wheat bread, cinnamon swirl, fresh fruit, dried raisins, brown sugar and jelly, all combinations mixed and matched with an omelet station thrown in on Thursdays. Plus, muffins, donuts or other pastries, two days a week. Now, that makes me wonder why our Breakfast Club is made of of mostly men. Then I am told that it’s too much trouble to put on makeup. That makes sense, but Don, Ethel, Robert and I, we just praise GOD for all these wonderful, “Mama Made” great way to start the day.

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