..and it only took him six months

Executive Chef Blaise Forsythe is a genius in the kitchen. He and Mama Maxine really spoil us, especially at breakfast. I have listed the normal selections, but when I first arrived, I asked Chef Blaise for Eggs Benedict.  At first he just smiled and said, “Sure”.  I knew he wasn’t saying he would prepare it, but at least he considered it for a second. As my time approached for my relocation to the Skinner home, Blaise kept promising and even set a date when he would prepare Eggs Benedict. Those days passed and it was the usual great choices, but no EB. I had given up until a week ago, he said, “Soon”.  Soon came yesterday and here’s what he placed in front of me!  The Hollandaise Sauce is the key to a great EB and Blaise Forsythe knocked it out of the park!  Check this out and salivate:

wp-1472735526995.jpegThat’s what I got from my Breakfast Plate, HEEEELAWZEEE!  And, today, we dine on Mama Maxine’s hand-did biscuits, scrambled eggs and cream-sausage gravy:


What a way to start my day – GOD in HIS HEAVEN, JESUS in my heart and Mama Maxine in the kitchen! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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