The Day Travis stapled Bailey’s Bible

Closer than brothers and sweetly bonded by GOD’s Love, Travis Bryan, Jr and Bailey Stone were two fine men who had the perfect relationship of respect and the joy of living. Bailey Stone was not only a fun-fellow, but one of this world’s great preachers. It was my honor to serve in a part-time capacity with him at Bryan’s First Baptist Church. It was also my honor to teach his sons.  Bailey and Travis loved to play tricks on one another, but the day that Bailey’s bible passage was stapled together just nearly broke up a friendship. Bailey’s bible had a marker for each sermon passage with which he could quickly turn to it as he began his sermon. On this particular morning, somehow, Travis had slipped into the preacher’s study and stapled the page before and after Bailey’s bookmark. The expression on his, face when he couldn’t open at the chosen spot, was priceless, but quickly overcome with a very serious stare at his friend sitting in his favorite pew on the third row.  He asked for a time of prayer for a dear member who was standing in the need thereof.  His prayer that day spoke volumes of the limitless love one man can have for a friend and by the time he said the Amen, Travis Bryan had already gotten the message…he never played such a prank again.  I learned of this incident and as the two laughed about it, I felt honored to know such outstanding men of faith. I had to share this because Travis has gone on to Glory and at the moment of this blog, our friend Bailey Stone is close to joining him. GOD smiled on everyone who ever had the privilege to know Travis Bryan, go fishing with Bailey Stone or hear him share the Word.  You talk about a joyous reunion!!!! I can’t wait.  GOD Bless the Stone family at this time of loss, but The Family of GOD is one man closer to completion.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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