Here and Now

Another thing I have learned, here at the Village, is that most live in the past. I will constantly hear of husbands or wives who have passed away. Reliving youth or career and how good those ‘old days’ were are very popular. The future is a dark corner where the unknown lurks. Yesterday and tomorrow are longed for, but NOW is “Woe is me”. What is past and what is ahead are two days that are totally lost. We’ve done the past and can’t do the future, but we can do the NOW.  Right here, right now, I can make a difference in doing something that will glorify GOD and make today a better place for myself and others. Right there, where you are, if you are concerned with yesterday and stressed over tomorrow, Get REAL! Come on, MAN! I am not selling a beverage, but there was an alcoholic product slogan that fits…”You Only Go Around Once in Life”.  GUSTO for now is good, donchaknow. GOD has blessed us with ‘here and now’ and we’d best not waste it!

That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN

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