That’s Why The Lady Is A Champ

GOD insists that a man be the spiritual leader around his house, but our amperage is less than capable.  GOD made dirt, took a handful, created man, gave him specific duties and the ability to perform them, but HE didn’t include discernment of the danger of seduction. GOD recognized a need for man, so HE anesthetized him, took one of his bones and made a woman. GOD waked the man and when man opened his eyes he fell head-over-heels in love and sang the very first love song. GOD knew the power of seduction and warned the man of its danger. GOD had given man and woman everything they needed to spend their entire lives glorifying HIM, but HE gave them free will to make choices of action and I believe the Lady became the Champ right then. Man went around doing stuff, inspired by  the lovely creature at his side.  The lovely creature loved man so much, she began to look for things that would make his life better. GOD provided every need, warning them of the terrible danger of eating one certain fruit. Every day, as they walked around the tree, she couldn’t ignore the beauty and aroma of the luscious fruit so, as the man moved on to the next task,  she paused, reached up and took just one and the first delicious bite of siful weakness was more than she could resist.  The woman couldn’t wait to share her find with the man. GOD had installed discernment, and the man knew not to eat of it, but the allure of the woman kicked in his natural desire and(I believe) that was the first “Big Bang”!  The turmoil of life began right then and the woes of motherhood and discernment of man’s weaknesses, made the Lady the Champ. (Here’s where my opinion comes into play) I believe, even though it takes two, the woman faults the man for the nine month experience, resulting in painful childbirth and man is unable to deal with, and overcome, the consequence of blame.  I believe that’s why The Lady is The Champ, donchaknow. Take it or leave it, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN or “OH MY!”


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