Please Help Me I’m Falling

Television has some commercials that show an elderly person sprawled on the floor and “Help me! I can’t get up”.  As a member of that august body, I can feel for them.  I’ve not taken a fall but once and that was when I failed to follow an abrupt turn at the bottom of the stairs.  Thank GOD, I haven’t lost my balance and fallen like some of my neighbors. It’s not unusual to hear a loud thump, especially in the early morning. Fortunately, there isn’t the appearance of an emergency vehicle each time. Christians fall a bunch, but scripture assures us that even if it’s the last fall here on earth, GOD never drops us. HE has super hands, donchaknow.

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. (Psalm 94:18-19NIV)

I simply do not ‘pack up’ well.  I am totally disgusted with my clutter, but it escapes me as to what I do about the whole mess. Relocating is not the problem, the problem is preparing. My daughters graciously come to my rescue, accepting my shortcomings and that still doesn’t prevent anxiety, donchaknow.  If I could snap my fingers and say “Gig ’em” and suddenly be transported to my next stop, I would have done that before now, so this passage in Psalm is most applicable to me. We all go through this at some time or another and, unfortunately, we fail to apply the truth. we have a built-in “worry button” and only FAITH in GOD’s WORD can disconnect the turkey buzzard. The simple reason for our distress is that we fail to spend time with HIM. That’s the reason I reach in every day. Those mountains made out of mole hills keep jumping into my field of vision. My Box of Chocolates contains delicious delicacies made by the loving hands of My Master, donchaknow. You have a box of chocolates, made especially for you. It’s on the shelf marked, “THE HOLY BIBLE”.  AMEN


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