The Slowly Closing Door

In July 1905, arriving at 13809 Falconcrest Drive in Highland Creek, Charlotte,  I stepped out of my brother-in-law’s car, and thought to myself, “This is the last house for me. This is IT!”

Famous last words are sometimes left hanging and I try not to hang on to the past. Mistakes are there and even though most are forgiven, there still is a whisper of hurt.  GOD assures us that once amends have been attempted and repentance has been included, there is little need to visit there, but…… . Sin Shouts.  I do have time to contemplate now and as a special door comes to a close, I wonder.  Over thirty-years-ago, the door to the future opened widely to a beautiful garden. I walked that garden and stopped to smell the roses. The path was easily followed, but there were times when I strayed and probably stepped on budding flowers, not purposefully, but I did so just the same.  I must have done that enough to leave falllen petals behind and cause pain and resentment to build a fence all around. Actions  speak louder than apologies. I can’t go back . I can only stand here, sadly,  and watch the door gradually closing.  I share this painful truth, not for any other reason than to say, “Stop! Stand still and listen to what GOD has revealed in your quiet time with HIM.”  If you’ve been remiss in spending quiet time, correct that mistake. As I stopped to smell the roses, I should have stood still and applied lessons learned. I should have  considered my next step and weighed it’s consequence, donchaknow.  It’s tragic to be part of the team closing the door through omission. But, wait!  Without looking back, there is a new path ahead.  There is a beautiful vista with fresh flora, placed just for me to care and enjoy. A new garden! Perhaps this one will support gardenias and tulips, along with the roses. I love gardenias and tulips. Mercy and Grace, abounding!  I shall be warmed by the good memories and get excited by those to come. This curtain falls, but there’s another one slowly rising, just ahead.  Praise GOD! That’s what I get from my Box of  Chocolates.    AMEN

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