Joe and Gloria

I must share folks who have had an impact on my life. For those who wade with me, whenever you find a title with proper names, chances are you have found one. I realize the most interested will be close friends and family, but when the spirit moves, so do I.

Joe and Gloria have left us. He has been transferred to another facility and Gloria has retired.  The Corporation, of which Colonial Village is a property, has a record of moving management around and it saddened all of us that they did so with Joe.  The Regional Manager was upfront with the change and even though there were unhappy faces at the meeting, it proved to be an improvement in on-the-job responsibility for Joe. He and Gloria have a home here, (Gloria grew up here) and with more days off for him, they come for a visit often. I am relieved that the move has proven a good thing for my friend, but I shouldn’t be surprised since there was a bunch of praying when we were told. It would appear that the couple sent to replace them, will be good for us also. That’s a win-win-reason for us to Glorify a Loving and Gracious GOD, donchaknow. Never doubt your prayers will go unanswered, and a few go your way. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN.

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