Free and Clear

Picture 9After a good night’s sleep and a superb breakfast, how can I but shout out loud? Today is the first day of the rest of my life and my life is a HOOT!  Before leaving the Village, I have encouraged my neighbor, Wanda, to proceed with our Old Time Radio series. We had a ‘reading’ yesterday and for a cast of six, we had two show up. One was there out of curiosity and the other out of excuses. Wanda made overtures to specific prospects and the results are yet to be determined. Our first OTR production of a 1950 radio script of “Father Knows Best” was a whopping success and interest was high, but things have settled down, back to the ‘ho-hum’ routine of bingo and three-meals-a-day. I thought I might share a ‘selfie’ of total comfort and peace. Que Cera! I see the nearby curtain lifting to reveal a new home, and even though it will be with some regret to leave my neighbors here at the Village, I am needed elsewhere and have answered another call. This is a great day, donchaknow. GOD has more for this wader, so I roll up my pant-legs and and go wading!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

5 thoughts on “Free and Clear

    • Lynn, it’s wonderful! Dad will be moving to The Colony, which is near Frisco. He will be living with my sister Jeanie and her family. It’s truly a blessing.

      Hope you are doing well.



  1. I love the picture! You look great. I hope Trudi and I can arrange a visit with you once you are moved. You will be very near her, I believe, and not that far from me, either.


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