Don’t Hold Them Back

I once had a mother sense that her daughter had potential as a performer. Her evaluation was shared by an elementary music teacher. Fortunately, this family could afford to pursue the possibility, so when the young lady was in my junior high school choir, her mother asked, “Should I encourage her?” My first thought was to think about my frustration in not pursuing a career as a performer, so I suggested that she secure a private voice teacher and see what developed. She and her daughter spent the next few summers in California. Her vocal coach was popular among actors who needed to prepare for roles in musicals. His evaluation agreed with ours. Not only did the young lady excel, but was given opportunity to sing with famous actors who were preparing for movie roles. Following her lead role in one of our high school musicals, she went on to perform with jazz groups and be chosen to sing in several national television commercials. Her story could have been a lot different had she not been given opportunity and encouragement by her family. Find an honest teacher who will not encourage the wasting of time. I got a comment from a grandmother in response to my “Brass Ring” blog. She encouraged her grandchild also. The result has been very good for all. If you know of a child who has potential, give them the opportunity to study and improve. It will not hurt them to work at it, however it could hurt their chances if you brag on them too much. Encourage improvement, donchaknow, but stay away from telling them just how ‘good’ they are. Let others applaud. If they have ‘it’, it will be evident in the degree of positive response by others. Always remind the most talented, “There is still room for improvement”. GOD doesn’t give a gift to have the recipient stand still in self-satisfaction. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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