See You Later My Friends

James the Sign Painter

I introduced you to James the Painter some months ago. I told of his talent and shared his medical problems that moved him to an Assisted Living facility near the Village. James loved JESUS, even while dozing during Worship. Upon my return from The Colony, I learned that James was now sharing his artistic ability in Heaven. GOD blessed my life by affording a short time to share meals with James. He’s without worries and living an eternal life without pain.  Praise GOD!

Just this week I learned that I had lost another of my most favorite classmates to Alzheimer.  Bettye was not a native of Titus County, but she fit right in when she moved to Mount Pleasant in 1948. She, also, chose to hitch-up with an ‘older’ man. She and John had a wonderful life, blessed by fine children. John is still working on his airplane, parts of which are all over the house. He’s been ‘going to fly’ for over 30-years, but I am certain his only flight will be on GOD’s MERCIFUL AIRLINE.  It’s good to know that I will someday share a cloud with all my friends and family, donchaknow.  Praise GOD! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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