Meet Aunt Ruth

At the age of six, my mother refused to attend school. Even dressed and with lunch pail, she sat on the curb in front of their house and waited until her sister, Ruth, was six. They entered first grade together. My grandfather married three times. His first two wives passed away, leaving him with eight to raise. There was Goldie, Myrtle, May and Virgil from his first wife and then came Mattie, Ruth, Pedro and Valma from his second wife. He moved to Dallas and married his third wife who gave him two more girls. My mother, Mattie, married my father, Sam Austin in order to provide a home for Ruth, Pedro and Valma(Honey). Aunt Ruth had a very sad life. She married Walz Baker and had my cousin, Ruth Catherine (Tinka). She and Walz divorced and there were many men with whom she lived, one of whom she married. Aunt Ruth was a great trickster. She loved to pull tricks on all of the cousins. (It was interesting to have cousins born within a few months of each other. Some within the same month and year). I will feature each one at a later date. After a life of alchohol-abuse, my Aunt Ruth died at an early age. During her life, we spent a great deal of time celebrating our birthdays at the same time. I recall one particular year when after a movie, Aunt Ruth scared the life out of us. She lived in an upstairs apartment with a metal stair outside entrance. The movie was “Dracula” with Bela Lugosi. The movie house was near her apartment, so we walked. As we were climbing the stairs, Aunt Ruth, clad in a black gown, stepped out of the dark and growled. can imagine a passel of youngsters screaming and running into each other in an attempt to escape the clutches of a ‘Vampire’. It frightened us so much, even Aunt Ruth was concerned. She made hot chocolate to make up for the whole thing. It took a while for her daughter to forgive her. I loved my aunts and uncles, but Aunt Ruth was at the top of the list of favorites. I just wish she could have enjoyed a more healthy life than dying from tuberculosis. It should have taught me the dangers of smoking, but back then all the movie stars smoked, donchaknow. I praise GOD for those ‘good times’ with my Aunt Ruth Baker-Trotter. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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