Frivilous, yet Fraught with Peril

While assessing my experiences as a married man, I have come up with seven most unpleasant mistakes one can make. Each of these I have made and for each, I paid the extreme price. (not necessarily in the most perilous order)

  • NEVER place yourself in the position of responsibility for being lost on a trip.
  • NEVER fail to clean the detritus prior to her returning from a trip.
  • NEVER leave uneaten meals she prepared in the fridge.
  • NEVER forget your Anniversary nor her birthday.
  • NEVER be the first to criticize in-laws.
  • NEVER express concern for the time she spends shopping or  visiting in-laws.
  • NEVER forget to lower the toilet seat at night.

The Apostle Paul never had to be concerned for any of these. Perhaps that is the reason he stayed single, donchaknow.

That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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