Brothers Austin

Austins 001From left to right, Joe, D.T., Sam and Billie. Jack had passed away some time earlier. This photo was the last time all my Dad’s brothers were together. Joe, D.T., (Jack) and Billie were brothers and half-brothers to my Dad.  D.T. and my Dad never served in the military, but Joe was a career Safety Officer on Air Force bases, Jack was a Master Sargeant in the Air Corps, specializing in training glider pilots in WW II. (that’s quite a story in itsself), and Billie served as a mechanic in the Army Air Corps in the African Campaign of the Second World War. He also was in on the design of the F-15 and F-111 Jet Fighters. D. T. and Billie attended college. Billie majored in aircraft design at Tulsa University and D. T. completed a course in business at Texas Tech. While supervising work at an asbestos plant, my Uncle D. T. contracted deadly lung disease.  Of course, you have met my Dad, Sam Austin, who was a master carpenter, learned at the workbench of my Grandfather, Dennis Trammel (Buster) Austin, finish carpenter par excellance. Jack is an interesting story in himself, good for a later time. These men, gone on the Glory, never shirked in their duties and for that I am eternally blessed and grateful for their witness.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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