Dear Dad

Can you think of something your Dad failed to teach you, growing up?  Aside from his work ethic and his daily attendance around the house, did he teach you about History?  What will today’s Dad teach about History? I can honestly say that my children were taught the important facts of just what others sacrifice provided them. We said GRACE before meals, thus reminding them of the Mercy afforded them, free of charge. We honored our nation and those who served to protect our precious freedom. We made it known that we respected the privilege of the voting place, we took them to worship and we didn’t leave education totally to another. As parents, we taught what our Dad had taught and Praise GOD, even though we failed to walk the talk, our children had enough good teaching to turn out pretty good.  Dads, if you have left the telling of the History Story to others, you have done your children a disfavor. Our classrooms are a cesspool of humanism. Our curriculum derides the foundation of basic Faith. Our Universities are spewing forth ‘False Teaching’.  We are experiencing the crush of the absolute and ignoring TRUTH, as set for in the Holy Bible. The plan of public education is to turn our children into infidels, with a philosophy of origination from slime, ignoring GOD and His teaching, entirely. If you don’t believe it, look at a newscast and the the seething hatred of fundamental truth and hopelessness. Dads need to take control and talk about just how America has detoured from that which assures a future. Mealy Mouth Media has succeeded, just as liberal education has succeeded. What will your children say about History that YOU taught them?  I am afraid that, when looking back at today, this nation will not be considered a “Nation Under GOD”, but a “Nation Over GOD”.  HE isn’t important, anymore! What a Shame!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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