Teachers! Shame, Shame!

I must speak my mind before it’s too late.  I must accuse many of America’s public schools of lying to our students. I have long felt there to be a reason for good teachers to leave their called field of sharing truth that lives because of political pressure and inversion of absolutes. Shame on teachers who fail to impart TRUTH.  Shame on teachers who stood still and allowed/accepted the casting out of prayer, the Bible and TRUTH!  Shame on me for suffering through years of political correctness and leaving the profession GOD called me to do without standing and shouting, “But what about TRUTH?!”  I was not strong enough to do so and folded my tent and slipped away. Shame on educators today!  You are contributing to the devastation and downfall of our society by teaching that there is no absolute. Shame on parents who have accepted Satan’s Inversion of TRUTH. Shame on churches where pastors are preaching anything other than JESUS and HIS TRUTH. Shame on our elect who are blinded to TRUTH.  Shame! Shame! Shame on all of us who accept liars as the best choice for public office. Shame on us for bloody hands, lying lips  and filthy minds! Bloody hands from the taking of unborn lives at the rate of 4000 each day. Lying Lips from everyone who speaks untruth and filthy minds filled with abominable sex-acts and pornography.  Shame! Shame! Shame on all of us who allowed prayer and The Bible to be expelled from our public schools in the 60’s. Shame on all of us who allowed the removal of GOD’s  TEN COMMANDMENTS from the walls of schools and public facilities. Shame on us for allowing the TRUTH of CHRISTMAS and EASTER to be replaced by political correctness. Shame on us for allowing our blessed nation to become neutral on GOD’s laws and replacing them with lies. Shame on all of us who continue to live a lie. Shame, Shame, GOD forgive us. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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