My Daddy was a Carpenter

My LORD JESUS’ father built things of wood. My father did also. I would wager that the furniture that came from Joseph’s shop was without blemish and there is indication that all my father built was the same. There are several homes that prove that point – houses with Texas Historical Markers on the front door facing. There was a letter sent to my father from the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) that attested to his quality of construction after over the thirty years of inspection by one of their representatives. Honest to a fault, Sam Austin would sacrifice his own earnings to ‘redo’ construction that was not to the ‘customer’s’ acceptance. (He caught thunder from my mother when he got home, too, but he still did it all his life) I’ve long wondered if this fact was truly appreciated by those who benefitted. Absolutely not perfect, but he was an honorable man whose ‘yes’ was ‘yes’ and who’s ‘no’ was ‘no’. That’s what he got from his LORD JESUS’ teaching. That was the theme of his funeral service, preached from his own underlined scripture in his own bible. My Father Was A Carpenter for Christ. Nothing nor no one can ever take that away from me. I just wish that the things “I” built were of the same quality, donchaknow. Don’t you wish everybody did?  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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