I have a hall of fame of faithful partners who deserve all the credit and honor we can give. These are the men and women who spend 24-7 taking care of their needy partner for life. This list does not cover them all, but it will give you an idea of just how strongly these fine folk honor the vow they took at the altar. Many of my neighbors came to the Village with a partner, but are now all alone without that loved one at their side.  Let’s begin with Robert. His wife suffered a stroke that totally debilitated her, requiring him to care for her every need – for over twelve years. Don lost two wives to illness that required his care for five and seven years.  Fred holds his wife’s hand and eases her along, talking quietly and lovingly, day in and day out. He’s been at her side for 4-years as she suffers from alzheimer’s disease. Ron slowly moves about on his rollator with his wife, Poo, holding on to his belt. They’ve been taking care of each other for over ten years. Jerry’s wife, Norma, suffered a massive stroke four years ago and he lovingly does all that is necessary to make her life easier. What character and care these folks have and you never hear them complain. Every one of them will tell you that should it be necessary they wouldn’t do anything different. Isn’t that was GOD has described?  Isn’t this as close as mankind can get to AGAPE?  I believe it so and as I meet other neighbors who go the extra mile for a loved one, I praise GOD for the revelation, donchaknow. Let’s pray for all those who give their very best without expecting anything in return. They are truly to be honored. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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