wp-1469832869368.jpgEverybody Loves Charlie!

Not many can boast of the accomplishments of my friend Charlie. He became the ‘man of the house’ when, at the age of three, his father died. One of many, Charlie took upon himself the challenge to help his widowed mother care for his siblings and put food on the table. The responsibility cost him basic schooling and the ability to read and write. It took Charlie three years to complete the fourth grade, yet it didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most respected builders of oil derricks. He spent over fifty years, traveling all over the world, supervising the construction and repair of derricks, both inland and offshore. Late in life, he married an had a family of extremely successful children.  Reading still comes hard, but his intelligence has totally overcome the drawbacks.  Even when he revealed his illiteracy, his bosses saw to it that he was free to supervise with ‘assistance’ (even while working in Mexico). No challenge in the oil field was a problem for Charlie and throughout his entire career, he was never  at a loss to solve a problem. Charlie was featured on a local television program some time ago and it was revealed that his mother and her children have long been considered ‘outstanding citizens’ in Gregg County, Texas. A good friend and inspiration to all who know him, Charlie will never be without folks who love him.  I am honored to know him and thank GOD for men like my friend Charlie.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

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