My Uncle, Morris Shepherd(Pedro) Tabb, was born in Titus County, Texas in 1905. His father left the family after his mother died. My mother, Mattie, married my father, Sam Austin, in order for there to be a home for Pedro, Ruth and Valma. I have no idea as to why the nickname of Pedro, but I do know him to a fine athlete, carpenter and hunter. I wore his letter sweater when I was in high school. He earned it at Ranger Junior College playing running back on their six-man football team in the early twenties. He once held the record for yardage and touchdowns at that school. Pedro had three children, Donald, Jimmy and Cappie. He loved to hunt and always had great hunting dogs. He bred them and tested them by firing his rifle over them when young. If the dog stood its ground and didn’t bolt with the sound, it was further trained. If not, the dog was given away. Most of his dogs were liver-spotted Pointers. Pedro lived in Midland, Texas most of his adult life and when he came to our Family Reunion, he usually brought his latest rifle and favorite dog. My Aunt Honey (Valma) brought her newest husband, Bill Coffman, to one of our reunions and Pedro took him out to show of his expertise with his latest hunting rifle. When they returned, Bill was holding a bloody towel against his forehead. It seems that Pedro chose a beer can placed on a railroad rail for his target. He miss, shooting low and the bullet ricocheted from the rail, striking Bill just over his left eye. There was quite an alarm among the family until the family doctor examined Bill and, even though a bloody,  bruised knot, nothing more than a headache resulted. Honey was quoted as saying, “Well, I do believe that to  be a new way to greet a new brother-in-law!” Pedro never got over his embarrassment of the event. Morris Sheppard(Shepherd) Tabb was just one of the characters who graced my family. Other than his outstanding marksmanship, I remember his delightful sense of humor. He could even laugh as the family recalled his welcome to the family for my Uncle Bill. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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