IMG_20160730_073625_hdr_kindlephoto-1368820881Born in 1931 at Rocky Branch, Texas

This is a most interesting study. Don is a two-time resident of the Village. He has had three wives, all deceased, and was married in our dining room the last time.  Don has not taken himself off the “eligible” list, even though there has been much discouragement by his neighbors. We recently had a wedding between ninety-year-olds and Don was to be the best man. He spent hours stressing over what to wear and was the driver of the two to Jefferson, Texas for their license. In his excitement, he left the license on the top of his car and drove all the way back to Longview before he realized it wasn’t with them. More hours of stewing and fretting, but when he and the groom-to-be returned to Jefferson, the license was already in an envelope to mail. Neighbors finally convinced the two to hitch before a Justice of Peace here in Gregg County and that took Don of the hook. The two are now happily married and alternately residing in one of two apartments. Don has been relieved of best-man duty and has once again made himself available. (I hear there is interest on the part of one of our ladies, so we shall see…). I have great affection for Don and he and I talk about spiritual things a lot. He assures me that he also has a ticket to ride and that’s the most important issue, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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