Aunt Goldie

I just read the passage where JESUS said that it was difficult for a rich man to enjoy Eternal Life.  I know some folks who are very well off and I’ve been told by some that they spend sleepless nights worrying that someone would steal their wealth.  I come from a long line of solid folk who never were wealthy, but never went without needs met. One particular Aunt was my Aunt Goldie (Tabb) Bell.  She and my Uncle Rab never had much, but they reared a family of fine folk. After she lost my Uncle Rab and all her children were grown, Aunt Goldie and my cousin Sam, would take off in his old Ford and, with just a few dollars, travel the entire United States. They would drive until the tank was nearly empty, stop, buy $2 worth of gas, take a spit-bath in the restroom and ask everyone who stopped if there was some day’s-work around. They were pretty successful at finding something to do and spent most nights sleeping in the old Ford. Aunt Goldie even was a contestant on game shows, appearing twice on “The Price is Right”. She won prizes and took the money instead. Sam worked some, but most of their monthly income was from Social Security. The Bells never had much, but what they had was adequate and I bet there are some well-off folks who didn’t enjoy life as much.  For the last years of her life, my Aunt Goldie was bed-ridden, but she never failed to laugh and enjoy our visits. “Generous to a a fault” would describe the Tabbs and Aunt Goldie Bell lived it, day by day, well into her ninetieth year. When I feel a bit blue, I am lifted by the thought of just how my life has been blessed with gentle, kind, faithful folk. I shall never be wealthy, but in the more important things, I am very ‘well-off’, donchaknow. After all, I am part of The Family of GOD and my Daddy is rich!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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