JESUS said that Heaven was “childlike”.  When we all were young, we had dreams of lemonade trees and chocolate hail stones, but all of our wildest imaginings will never quite be as glorious as our eternal life with HIM.  Even at my age – ripe old age, donchaknow – I am a bit childish in my wants.  I love airplanes. I have wanted to fly an airplane all my life. I even tried to join the Army Air Corps (now the Air Force), but I saw “Onion”!  I wanted to fly lighter than air planes or gliders, but never took the time. I finally settled on building radio control ‘birds’ and plastic models. I tried balsa models, but they never looked right. And then came drones!  For a long time I desired a drone. I had good places to fly one in North Carolina, but was convinced that I could be a dangerous pilot. Now, on my own, I am proud to announce that I have my own drone. I justified the purchase by thinking of the fun my grandson, Austin and his Dad, would have. Once I get to The Colony, I will fly my own drone and it has video and ‘return home’!  I shall return to my childhood for just about 8-minutes at a time. I am very excited to experience flying by remote control again. As much as that joy will be, it cannot hold a candle to the flite reservation I have through my LORD JESUS CHRIST. A drone may be a wonderful toy, but soaring like an eagle is the ultimate HIGH, donchaknow.  Get your ticket to ride and come along when the flite leaves. The price of the ticket has the ultimate discount of “FREE”!  It’s already paid for by FAITH. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN



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