As For Me and My House

Joshua met oppostition and declared, “You serve whomever you choose, bur for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord”.  Serving GOD has its downside. Regardless of how one feels, there are many more who disagree and will do whatever it takes to change your mind.  I am an avid football fan. Football is the sport of choice and the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Aggies and Philadelphia Soul are my favorites. I have received flak from some and unfortunately, there are members of my immediate family who have other teams as their favorite, but toleration, even though it demands effort, toleration is evident in my response. I am big about my druthers and accept the error of the other’s ways, donchaknow. Even with the approach of another NFL and College season and the culmination of another Arena Football season, I shall stand firm on what GOD says and prayerfully cast my vote in the coming election. Flawed though the process may be, it comes down to a choice. GOD granted me the freedom to make up my own mind and in studying HIS WORD, the choice is clear. The path we are trodding is extremely dangerous and the outcome is critical. Now, with only two candidates, I am at peace with my decision to cast my one vote and leave the results up to GOD.  HE is my HOPE, my only Hope. I pray that there be no mistake this time, ’cause the clock is ticking.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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