Lost and Found

My friend Ron is very wise.  There is a fellow who has never recovered from the abrupt ending of a marriage of many years. After sharing an abode, it is extremely hard to overcome the volume of silence that suddenly overtakes your living alone. Ron and his wisdom seemed to squelch the pain a bit over supper one day last week. It was obvious that our friend was really suffering the loss, so Ron suggested that he was looking at the situation from the wrong angle. He asked, “How long had it been for physical love to disappear between you and your wife?”. He and I looked at Ron, thinking that was a very personal question, so Ron quickly said, “I’m not being nosy, but think about my question. You were a bit older, weren’t you?” “Yes, twenty years difference.” “OK”, Ron said,”I’m about your age and my sexual desire began to wane around sixty-five and my wife and I are about the same age, so it wasn’t a big problem. Perhaps your wife had not lost interest. Perhaps she began to feel abandoned and frustrated, yet never expressed her feelings. Those feelings repressed can deal havoc in a marriage.”  I thought, “That makes a great deal of sense” and as I looked at my friend, I could see that it sounded right to him also.  I have done some reading as to the colder years of a relationship and I believe that a marriage filled with great love-making had better have deeper love for each other just being together. I think that is a fairly accurate cause of failed marriage. Something must be there after the spark is gone, donchaknow. I am certain it doesn’t apply to a marriage where the two love JESUS more.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN

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