Small World

About two weeks after I moved to Colonial Village, while riding in our Shuttle from an exciting shopping spree at Walmart, I sat beside a nice little lady named Lorella. She asked where I came to the Village from and was I a native Texan. When I said I was born in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, she looked at me and said, “I lived in Mt. Pleasant for a time. I married a Mitchell and worked as a nurse in the clinic there.” I asked if the man she married was kin to Arthur Mitchell and she said, yes, he was Arthur’s brother, but he wasn’t a nice brother. “We are kin”, I said. “My mother and Arthur Mitchell were related.” We have become good friends. Another resident was married to David Brogoitti, who was Gerry Brogoitti’s brother. Gerry was my first love who broke my heart going for older guys. I heard them pronounce her name with a hard ‘g’, not the soft sound I remember, so I left it alone. Yesterday, I received a call from Jerry Laden. He and his wife live about ten-miles from Longview and he takes Lorella to lunch sometimes. Today we will go to Cracker Barrell and that’s good!  Jerry won out as the first boy cheer leader in Mt. Pleasant High School, beating out the runner-up…me. He is also the brother of my Uncle Billy Austin’s wife. Small World for sure. Jerry and I have a bunch of remembering to do and that’s good. Praise GOD for small favors, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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