Under HIS Wings

The great preacher, Charles Spurgeon, once wrote: “Be ye then confident, when ye hear of wars, and rumours of wars. Let no agitation distress you, but be quiet from fear of evil. Whatsoever cometh upon the earth, you, beneath the broad wings of Jehovah, shall be secure. Stay yourself upon his promise; rest in his faithfulness, and bid defiance to the blackest future, for there is nothing in it direful for you. Your sole concern should be to show forth to the world the blessedness of hearkening to the voice of wisdom.” His words should assure us of GOD’s promise to care for HIS Own. We may face peril and live in troubled times, but to live in fear and wallow in hopelessness flies into the face of GOD. The Book of Proverbs is packed with GOD-Inspired Wisdom.  It also is difficult to handle wisely.  Wisdom and Common Sense are in a delicate balance and the whole thing can tump over with the least puff of the wind of sin. All of that is true, but what Spurgeon wrote wipes our slate clean of doubt and distress. Read it again and rest in HIS Love.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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