The End of the Line

Only one thing lives forever.  What I see in the mirror is only temporary.  My meager bank account is temporary.  My aches and pains are temporary.  I am on the fast track to eternity and the train upon which I am riding is temporary and guess what?  You are on the same train!  Any mess we are in is of our own doing and whatever the situation, it is justified. Regardless of our beliefs, all this is temporary. How do I know?  “The Bible Says It’s So!” GOD has ordained everything.  GOD has warned all of us of the consequence of failure to live as HE would have us live. GOD has blessed us by placing us in a nation that is the only light of Freedom in the universe. GOD has blessed our nation for just about as long as HE will. What we get is what we deserve. So, here we are sailing down the track, having a joyful time of “temporary” without a clue as to when the track ends and eternity begins. At that juncture, all of us will continue on a train to eternity. There are ony two waiting for us.  One travels the track that has no night and no pain and no worries. The other?  Well, it’s the longer of the two and it only has hot rocks to sit on and it isn’t air-conditioned. I realize this is rather simplistic, but you get the picture. From the time we drew our first breath, everyone of us had a prepaid ticket to ride an eternal train. This track is running out and it’s not too late to get a ‘transfer’. The ticket is free and available at the window with the sign, “John 3:16”.  “BOARD!” That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN


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