The Solid Rock

JESUS is the ‘solid’ rock, but America has found another rock to hide under. It’s the rock of hopelessness and “OH, Well”.  It’s the rock that holds darkness and political correctness. It’s the rock that is getting more crowded every day.  It’s the rock we’d better crawl out from under, donchaknow. It’s the rock that should be left behind as we climb on the Solid Rock. The Solid Rock holds no man-made philosophy or mind-control. The Solid Rock provides a shelter of assurance and safety, even when the storms of life rage and evil lifts its ugly head. It’s the Rock from which all GOD’s Children can shout truth in praise of HIM with love. It’s the ROCK that remains after all the ground around sinks into sin. It’s the ROCK from which our voices are heard through the privilege of the voting place. It’s the ROCK from which our boots are used to ‘boost’ the GOD haters and power hungry out of office, donchaknow. It’s the ROCK where there is only ‘standing room’. JESUS CHRIST is the SOLID ROCK.  So, come on over.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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