And Then There Was One

I am the last original ‘breakfast bunch’ at Colonial Village. James 1,Tom and James 2 have moved on. James 2 (Atlanta Rabbit) just moved to another facility and James 1 moved out a while ago. We lost Tom last month. Don joined the table after James 1 moved and he and I will share good home-cooked breakfasts for another month, when I move.  This is Don’s second time around here at CVL and he says it will be his last. (I just wish he would sell his ’89 Buick, for the safety of all)  I’ve shared that there is a ‘new’ facility for elder folks here in Longview and it has attracted a few of my neighbors. At last count there were 14 who have moved. It is sad to lose a neighbor, but prayers go with them. I look forward to my new home with my daughter, her husband and the Twin Tornados.  I will be a few minutes away from AT&T stadium and the new training complex (The STAR) of my Dallas Cowboys. I will be in attendance of some of the training of the team once they return from Oxnard. I will keep you posted as to how Tony, Dez and Jason are doing. Tony and Jason are not any younger, donchaknow.  LORD, bless my ‘Boys, keep them well one more year and pour a little protection over Kyle Field.  To GOD be the Glory!   That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

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