Love, yet no like?

Have you someone you can honestly say, “I love you”, but inside your heart you do not like?  I do….is that a sin?  I find I do not like myself at times, but I must admit I do love me.  Does that mean that I can “love my neighbor, yet not ‘like’ them? I have no idea as to why we make on so about another’s lifestyle. I  determine that to be their business and GOD gave us free choice. I refuse to be involved. I have my own demons to tussle with, donchaknow. The choices of lifestyle are private and between us and GOD. I don’t like to be beaten over the head with it.  I believe the biggest sin by ‘Progressives’ is to publicize it.  Adrian Rogers once said that” adultery and drunkenness  are not the greatest sin, but failing to break silence and not tell about what JESUS’ Mercy and Grace has done for us all certainly is”. Even though I have not always lived right, it’s OK for me to share that TRUTH, . I have said, “I love someone, but hate their lifestyle”, but is that true?  Do I honestly separate the two? When I know how they live, do I not secretly condemn?  I must admit the answer is “yes” and ask for forgiveness, from them and my GOD. (That first step is the toughest, isn’t it?) Now comes by big question. “Is it good to love a Terrorist and hate what they do? Is it our right to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect”? My answer is YES!  I believe GOD LOVED every person HE destroyed or had destroyed.  I do not think HE wishes for us to turn the other cheek when it comes to attacks by radicals.  ‘Tis a Puzzlement, donchaknow?  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN


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