‘Tis a Puzzlement (political opinion)

It seems that whoever sits in the chair of the Oval Office has become a dictator. What has happened?  How did this come about?  Obviously I missed something and am convinced that the job description,”The Most Powerful Person in the World” is true. Another thing that puzzles me is that the so-called ‘representatives’ of the people pay no attention to what the ‘people’ want.  It’s like we live under a dome of acquiescence, while they run around doing just as they please (or as their “Party” dictates).  Who IS the Party? Who are THEY, who run the whole shooting match? It certainly isn’t the ‘grass roots’. We are completely at the mercy of our own elected men and women. Party Politics wins out.  Regardless of the ‘polls’, if the favorite person isn’t one of their choice, THE PARTY decides to ignore the whole thing and do as they wish. I ask again, “Who IS the PARTY”, and how did they get to be the controllers?  Obviously, “they” are the most powerful people in the world. (the current situation convinces me that the list was determined in some smoke-filled back room by “they”, long before the candidates announced, with ONE exception).  “We” weren’t invited to that party by the PARTY. Political “King’s Ex” has become the rule.  Somebody better take control  and give it back to those of us who are supposed to be able to choose and live as free men. How about closing the “Party House” and opening a “People House”? I would like the ‘media’ to investigate ‘both’ candidates, thoroughly, donchaknow. One thing for sure: we wanted an ‘outsider’ and. boy, did we get one!!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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