What Would Jesus Do?

A while back, while working on a church staff, the Youth had a slogan, “WWJD”. I loved that thought. What Would Jesus Do is the answer to all our problems, but we have refused to follow HIS lead, donchaknow.  I am probably about to get on the Home Security ‘watch’ list, but am fed up with the Satanic Inversion.  America has responded to loss of freedom and individual liberty for centuries, all over the world. Young and Old have laid down their lives to defend against oppression and savagery perpetrated on people. Now, we are the victims and our only defense is political correctness?. The news is full of ‘spin’ and total falsehood, coming from the seat of power in shameful Washington, D.C.   Things are NOT good, yet we allow the miscreanats to continue to make it worse. Radical Islam is winning.  They are already on our soil recruiting and they are not the least bit afraid of America.  We are fighting evil with feather pillows and platitude. I want to state just what I feel.  I am 85-years-old, never served in the military and take a bunch of pills, kept alive and breathing by BiPap and Oxygen. I have difficulty walking any distance, but you listen to me, all you who are spineless liars and sissies:  I would take my Rollater, my portable oxygen tank, my American Flag, strap a(borrowed) rifle on my shoulder and walk into battle singing “His Truth is marching on”, regardless of whosoever would do so with me.  I have the solution to ISIS and all who support same. They are religious maniacs and we  should wipe the turkeybuzzards out, right where they live.  I would not shake the hand of their emissary. The only thing I would shake is the ground the devils walk on. I will lay down my life for a friend in need. We have met the enemy and he is us.  Anyone feel the same way? Freedom is not a Free Ride.  GOD HELP US!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN


4 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Do?

  1. Jim,

    Your statement about not shaking a hand reminded me of Mr. C.K. Crow at Desert Hills. The man was moving well toward 70, as I recall, when I last saw him and he still had a grip like a vise! If he ever got hold of someone, it would have behooved them to be friendly! Otherwise, he had you in his grasp and you’d probably say ‘UNCLE!!!’ to get him to let you go! “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!” I’ll shake with all, I just may not release some quite as gently as others. And by the way, I also happen to be left-handed like Jephthah. There is a reason the Italian word for left is ‘sinistra’!

    Do you like Toblerone? If so, white, dark, or milk?



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