I Believe

I love to read a good mystery on my Kindle.  I read most of the day. When not writing waders, I read. I begin my day with scripture. As you may already know I read devotionals by the late Adrian Rogers and have discovered Pete Briscoe.  These great men of the faith inspire much of what I share, BUT even though I may ‘read’ their words, I do not BELIEVE those words until I filter them through the one source of living, GOD’s HOLY WORD, donchaknow. A good writer can put words down that can lead me into a place that isn’t healthy. Mickey Spillane could do that with his “Mike Hammer” creations. “God’s Little Acre”, Erskine Caldwell’s novel about a dysfunctional family was the favorite ‘naughty’  passed around in History class. Grisham, Patterson, Baldacci, Childs, Woods, Dekker, Sandford and Flynn can get my attention, but Terry Blackstone’s novels are just as exciting, without the steaminess of sex. That’s what I wish my favorite authors would leave out. I skip passages since I find danger in dwelling there. I prefer, “Fade to Black”, donchaknow. Kindle offers some fairly good reading to Amazon subscribers who to pay for “free reads”, and local libraries include “E-books” for download. What I am getting at is the fact that a well-spun tale can influence what one believes, without a Divine Filter. GOD warns us to not dwell in sinful thought, but seek that which is  uplifting and pure. I believe to do otherwise will result in behavior or thoughts that go against GOD’s Will. The pull of our carnal nature is so strong, we will certainly fall into it without help and that help doesn’t come from anywhere other than that provided through Faith in GOD’s HOLY WORD. (I want to share a phrase told to me by my good friend, Troy Dungan. He said there was a shoe-shine fellow, who when asked “How are you?” he says, “I am too Anointed to be Disappointed and too Blessed to be Depressed”).  Heee Lawsey! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. Have a Blessed Day.         AMEN


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