Sins of a Father

Exodus 20:5 has always concerned me. Even though GOD teaches that each of us will answer for our own sins, I believe that bad fathering will be evident in the lives of the children. I have never considered myself to be a great dad. I have admitted my many mistakes and Praise GOD for His Mercy and Grace.  As my days grow short; my observation of my children tells me that same Mercy and Grace has resulted in some pretty fine folk. Under no circumstance should I think,”I carved this out of a wilderness”. Everything they have has come from GOD and every mistake I have made has not lessened their value to humanity and to the Glory of GOD.  I think it is alright  to be a bit proud, donchaknow.   I do know that the strength of our nation comes from the backbones of GODly men. My regret is that I cannot include myself in that Hall of Fame.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN

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