Monumental Accomplishment

We drove around AT&T “mega” complex yesterday and it most assuredly is impressive, however spotting Dez Bryant about to get into his sports car did attract the most attention.  Unfortunately he escaped without us getting close enough to say “howdy”.  Previously my daughter drove me around the soon-to-be-open, “STAR”, the new complex housing the headquarters, practice field and what looks like a small city. That sits on a huge tract of land, right off a main street in Frisco, Texas.  It isn’t  quite finished, but will  when the  Cowboys  return from Oxnard and hold preparations for each game.  It too is most impressive. Jerry Jones is a genius at most things, business-wise, but I think he keeps my team from winning by ‘coaching’. The team was most successful when he was just the ‘owner’.   What Jerry Jones has accomplished as “owner”, far exceeds his won/loss record. I wish he could see that for the team’s sake. Whatever a man accomplishes, whatever he builds,  what ever his legacy may be, he is a loser on the eternal spread sheet, without JESUS. My Bible says that “everything will be ‘laid low’, regardless of its magnificence ” There is no celebration of success in Hell. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

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