Joyful Noise

It is as very quiet at Colonial Village. The final hand of “Chicken Foot” is played by 8:30 and all are safe and sound in their apartments. The doors are locked at 10 pm. The only sounds I hear are occasional ‘thumps’ of someone taking a fall. It seems that after 80 balance is the exception rather than the rule. Even though I am away, I can assure you that falls continue. Here the quiet has been broken by voices with no worry and strong lungs. But, you know, I missed that-even get cheered up by it. That’s what I’ve learned from being alone with little choice in the matter. Hope brings a change in attitude and a plethora of patience. A house full of youngsters make the windows rattle, donchaknow. Decibels be d—d and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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