Tale of Two Cities

I have moved further west. I came for the twins graduation from pre-school and accepted the invite to become a family boarder.  I must admit the transition from ‘elderly’ silence to wall-to-wall twin voices was interesting, but it will give Mommy a break.  I am impressed at the ease of supervising rather maturely obedient children. I will miss my neighbors in Longview, but this for the good. I’ve always felt young for my age, so now I get to prove it. These readings are written on my Kindle and I miss my full-size keyboard. So, it’s “Howdy from The Colony”.  (Dallas sure has a mess of toll roads, donchaknow.)  That’s what I get from my Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

One thought on “Tale of Two Cities

  1. So happy to hear about this latest transition, Jim! God is good!

    Sai and I head back to Thailand this Friday (tomorrow, as I write this). Enjoy your family and God bless!



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