Re-Serve the Reserve

I am ashamed to admit that I’ve put my good old Baptist training on the back burner too often. That’s right, I am a Baptist born and blessed by parents who believed in Hell’s Fire, Brimstone and the inerrant Word of GOD. I have always known what was expected of a Christian, but quite often,  my natural man was stronger than the spiritual side .  I did some bad stuff and squelched that still-small voice that reminded me of my sinful ways. I was the master of my fate and captain of my soul.  What a joke!  What a reprobate! What a hypocrite! What a failure! What a mess! What an arrogant donkey! I put My Lord JESUS on the back burner. I said, “I can do it now. I’ll call when I need you.”  I called a lot and HE answered in Mercy and Grace too many times to count. It has taken me a long time to travel the dark road of “selfie” and get smart as to important things. JESUS patiently stood ready – in reserve – and answered my call for service. The table HE sets is overflowing with abundance of that which is eternal. HIS meal will never spoil and it won’t require an anti-acid tablet, donchaknow.  How much time I wasted placing My Lord JESUS in reserve. I am blessed that all those mistakes are covered and forgotten. How could I  but serve HIM. With HIS power and provision, I shall do so. We all should bind ourselves in GOD’s ‘guardall’ in preparation for what’s coming.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

Love, yet no like?

Have you someone you can honestly say, “I love you”, but inside your heart you do not like?  I do….is that a sin?  I find I do not like myself at times, but I must admit I do love me.  Does that mean that I can “love my neighbor, yet not ‘like’ them? I have no idea as to why we make on so about another’s lifestyle. I  determine that to be their business and GOD gave us free choice. I refuse to be involved. I have my own demons to tussle with, donchaknow. The choices of lifestyle are private and between us and GOD. I don’t like to be beaten over the head with it.  I believe the biggest sin by ‘Progressives’ is to publicize it.  Adrian Rogers once said that” adultery and drunkenness  are not the greatest sin, but failing to break silence and not tell about what JESUS’ Mercy and Grace has done for us all certainly is”. Even though I have not always lived right, it’s OK for me to share that TRUTH, . I have said, “I love someone, but hate their lifestyle”, but is that true?  Do I honestly separate the two? When I know how they live, do I not secretly condemn?  I must admit the answer is “yes” and ask for forgiveness, from them and my GOD. (That first step is the toughest, isn’t it?) Now comes by big question. “Is it good to love a Terrorist and hate what they do? Is it our right to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect”? My answer is YES!  I believe GOD LOVED every person HE destroyed or had destroyed.  I do not think HE wishes for us to turn the other cheek when it comes to attacks by radicals.  ‘Tis a Puzzlement, donchaknow?  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN



Hiding from the LORD is like walking around, buck naked. GOD knows everything we think and do. I can’t buy clothing that covers my sin. I know this, but I find I am constantly trying to ‘bargain’ about it. I’m wearing out the carpet in admission. What I should be doing is presenting a ‘clean heart’, but I also make the mistake of thinking I must get “holy”, when it’s not possible. I must remind myself that Holiness is in JESUS, not in my power to attain it. “I” am filthy from wallowing in the detritus of sin. The knee-holes in my carpet remind me of that truth. Today, I pray that there be knee-holes in yours, too. “Oh! That would be GLORY for us all!” That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN


I miss the innocence of my childhood.  Young hearts were so much fun. I lived in a time where ‘gay’ meant what it is supposed to mean.  It meant ‘without concern’. It was a great time. Keys could be left in the switch of an unlocked car.  Doors and windows could be unlocked, 24-7. Prayer Meeting was a “Prayer” meeting;, the “Pledge” to our flag and prayers were said daily in schools. Grace was said before every meal. Folks talked to GOD a lot and listened more. Bibles weren’t for show. The National Anthem and our flag were honored, respectfully. Costs of things were fair. Phones were for calling each other. Nobody considered abortion to be alright. Marriage was between people of the opposite sex. Elected officials may have lied to us, but we only had some low-power radio stations and just three television networks with no ‘creepy-peepers’. Banks loaned money on a hand-shake and the Federal Government was simply “up there sommers”. Candidates visited my east Texas hometown and spoke to a bunch of Titus Countians from the back of a flatbed trailer. The biggest event, other than Christmas, Easter, Tabb Family Reunions and the State Fair of Texas, was our Friday night high school football games. The greatest excitement was the day two of our home-town boys flew their jets down Jefferson at about three-top level.  For a long time, all stores were closed on Sunday. I just watched “To Kill a Mockingbird” for the umpteenth time and thought, “That’s what it was like and I miss that”.  We can’t turn back time, but we can turn from wickedness and stop lying to each other. Let there be TRUTH on earth, and let it begin with me, First! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN 

‘Tis a Puzzlement (political opinion)

It seems that whoever sits in the chair of the Oval Office has become a dictator. What has happened?  How did this come about?  Obviously I missed something and am convinced that the job description,”The Most Powerful Person in the World” is true. Another thing that puzzles me is that the so-called ‘representatives’ of the people pay no attention to what the ‘people’ want.  It’s like we live under a dome of acquiescence, while they run around doing just as they please (or as their “Party” dictates).  Who IS the Party? Who are THEY, who run the whole shooting match? It certainly isn’t the ‘grass roots’. We are completely at the mercy of our own elected men and women. Party Politics wins out.  Regardless of the ‘polls’, if the favorite person isn’t one of their choice, THE PARTY decides to ignore the whole thing and do as they wish. I ask again, “Who IS the PARTY”, and how did they get to be the controllers?  Obviously, “they” are the most powerful people in the world. (the current situation convinces me that the list was determined in some smoke-filled back room by “they”, long before the candidates announced, with ONE exception).  “We” weren’t invited to that party by the PARTY. Political “King’s Ex” has become the rule.  Somebody better take control  and give it back to those of us who are supposed to be able to choose and live as free men. How about closing the “Party House” and opening a “People House”? I would like the ‘media’ to investigate ‘both’ candidates, thoroughly, donchaknow. One thing for sure: we wanted an ‘outsider’ and. boy, did we get one!!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

A Certain Smile

Popi6413_edited 2I don’t take a good smiling photo. Compared to other smiles, mine falls short. I squint and my smile is ‘droopy’. I don’t ‘light up’ anything. I couldn’t supply an umbrella on a rainy, rainy day. I could never do one of those dopey grins on television ads from Preparation “H” to Pepsi. I’ve simply given up on a smile. I look like I’m smelling up all the bad smells or have gas. It just doesn’t come off as genuine. You wouldn’t  describe it as “pasted on”.  It’s kinda like a smear. If you look carefully you note my smile ‘droops’ in the right corner. I have determined the cause and it’s somewhat of a relief. I had a TIA (slight stroke) in the late 80’s. I thought I recovered nicely, but now I believe the ‘droop’ is from that stroke. It makes me so happy to know that my dumb grin is not a reflection of my inner sweetness. One thing for sure- I praise GOD for leaving me with just a droopy smile. It could have been much worse.  So, what you get is all I can give, after all, we all have countenance all over our faces, donchaknow. Grin and Bear It!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

What Would Jesus Do?

A while back, while working on a church staff, the Youth had a slogan, “WWJD”. I loved that thought. What Would Jesus Do is the answer to all our problems, but we have refused to follow HIS lead, donchaknow.  I am probably about to get on the Home Security ‘watch’ list, but am fed up with the Satanic Inversion.  America has responded to loss of freedom and individual liberty for centuries, all over the world. Young and Old have laid down their lives to defend against oppression and savagery perpetrated on people. Now, we are the victims and our only defense is political correctness?. The news is full of ‘spin’ and total falsehood, coming from the seat of power in shameful Washington, D.C.   Things are NOT good, yet we allow the miscreanats to continue to make it worse. Radical Islam is winning.  They are already on our soil recruiting and they are not the least bit afraid of America.  We are fighting evil with feather pillows and platitude. I want to state just what I feel.  I am 85-years-old, never served in the military and take a bunch of pills, kept alive and breathing by BiPap and Oxygen. I have difficulty walking any distance, but you listen to me, all you who are spineless liars and sissies:  I would take my Rollater, my portable oxygen tank, my American Flag, strap a(borrowed) rifle on my shoulder and walk into battle singing “His Truth is marching on”, regardless of whosoever would do so with me.  I have the solution to ISIS and all who support same. They are religious maniacs and we  should wipe the turkeybuzzards out, right where they live.  I would not shake the hand of their emissary. The only thing I would shake is the ground the devils walk on. I will lay down my life for a friend in need. We have met the enemy and he is us.  Anyone feel the same way? Freedom is not a Free Ride.  GOD HELP US!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN


I Believe

I love to read a good mystery on my Kindle.  I read most of the day. When not writing waders, I read. I begin my day with scripture. As you may already know I read devotionals by the late Adrian Rogers and have discovered Pete Briscoe.  These great men of the faith inspire much of what I share, BUT even though I may ‘read’ their words, I do not BELIEVE those words until I filter them through the one source of living, GOD’s HOLY WORD, donchaknow. A good writer can put words down that can lead me into a place that isn’t healthy. Mickey Spillane could do that with his “Mike Hammer” creations. “God’s Little Acre”, Erskine Caldwell’s novel about a dysfunctional family was the favorite ‘naughty’  passed around in History class. Grisham, Patterson, Baldacci, Childs, Woods, Dekker, Sandford and Flynn can get my attention, but Terry Blackstone’s novels are just as exciting, without the steaminess of sex. That’s what I wish my favorite authors would leave out. I skip passages since I find danger in dwelling there. I prefer, “Fade to Black”, donchaknow. Kindle offers some fairly good reading to Amazon subscribers who to pay for “free reads”, and local libraries include “E-books” for download. What I am getting at is the fact that a well-spun tale can influence what one believes, without a Divine Filter. GOD warns us to not dwell in sinful thought, but seek that which is  uplifting and pure. I believe to do otherwise will result in behavior or thoughts that go against GOD’s Will. The pull of our carnal nature is so strong, we will certainly fall into it without help and that help doesn’t come from anywhere other than that provided through Faith in GOD’s HOLY WORD. (I want to share a phrase told to me by my good friend, Troy Dungan. He said there was a shoe-shine fellow, who when asked “How are you?” he says, “I am too Anointed to be Disappointed and too Blessed to be Depressed”).  Heee Lawsey! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. Have a Blessed Day.         AMEN


Sins of a Father

Exodus 20:5 has always concerned me. Even though GOD teaches that each of us will answer for our own sins, I believe that bad fathering will be evident in the lives of the children. I have never considered myself to be a great dad. I have admitted my many mistakes and Praise GOD for His Mercy and Grace.  As my days grow short; my observation of my children tells me that same Mercy and Grace has resulted in some pretty fine folk. Under no circumstance should I think,”I carved this out of a wilderness”. Everything they have has come from GOD and every mistake I have made has not lessened their value to humanity and to the Glory of GOD.  I think it is alright  to be a bit proud, donchaknow.   I do know that the strength of our nation comes from the backbones of GODly men. My regret is that I cannot include myself in that Hall of Fame.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.       AMEN

Monumental Accomplishment

We drove around AT&T “mega” complex yesterday and it most assuredly is impressive, however spotting Dez Bryant about to get into his sports car did attract the most attention.  Unfortunately he escaped without us getting close enough to say “howdy”.  Previously my daughter drove me around the soon-to-be-open, “STAR”, the new complex housing the headquarters, practice field and what looks like a small city. That sits on a huge tract of land, right off a main street in Frisco, Texas.  It isn’t  quite finished, but will  when the  Cowboys  return from Oxnard and hold preparations for each game.  It too is most impressive. Jerry Jones is a genius at most things, business-wise, but I think he keeps my team from winning by ‘coaching’. The team was most successful when he was just the ‘owner’.   What Jerry Jones has accomplished as “owner”, far exceeds his won/loss record. I wish he could see that for the team’s sake. Whatever a man accomplishes, whatever he builds,  what ever his legacy may be, he is a loser on the eternal spread sheet, without JESUS. My Bible says that “everything will be ‘laid low’, regardless of its magnificence ” There is no celebration of success in Hell. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN