Walk Softly, But Carry This Big Stick

The wisdom that comes from God is first utterly pure, then peace-loving, gentle, approachable, full of tolerant thoughts and kindly actions with no breath of  favouritism or hint of hypocrisy.  And the wise are peace-makers who go on quietly sowing for a harvest of righteousness — in other people and in themselves. (James 3:17-18 PHILLIPS)  I have shared the fact that the Gospel of James bangs me around, pretty good.  Just recently, we began a focus on a Tuesday morning “Men’s Prayer and Share” meeting.  It has quietly lost its interest over the years, but there are three of us who meet and have posted an invitation for any of the other thirty men to join us.  This past meeting resulted in some soul-cleansing sharing of our tendency to be intolerant of others.  We all poke fun at each other, but sometimes the ‘poke’ results in hurt feelings. If I am to ‘walk-the-walk’, I must be wise enough to know when enough is enough.  Another one of those times to “hush-up and listen”.  Kind consideration of each other is sometimes lost in the ‘fun’.  I need to rely on GOD’s way and HIS Wisdom, donchaknow.  I need to be patient and wait for the HOLY SPIRIT to move those who are reluctant to join us. I’ve had too many say “NO!” to do otherwise. Pray for the men of Colonial Village to do the right thing, at all times.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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