Knew It All Along

I accepted the responsibility of caring for a five-year-old young lady over thirty years ago. She and I were like two positive sides of a magnet.  We tolerated each other in respect for her mom.  She has grown into a fine educator/wife/mother and has just been awarded the ”Outstanding Service Award for Assistant Administrators in Cabarrus County, North Carolina”.  Her being the best isn’t a big surprise for her family. I have said often that she is a uniquely talented educator, with a bright future ahead. Of course, that depends on the ability to perceive such quality on the part of her supervisors.  She and her husband are quality folks.  They have made a fine home for two beautiful children and that same quality of love extends to the children who walk her school’s halls. Her name is Melanie Raso and she’s a winner. Onward and Upward! May GOD bless her and those in her care. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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