Get Real

Only when we put God first will we come in contact with reality. I have a neighbor who is a fellow Aggie and a sign on his door says that he “stands with the Police”.  he reads his Bible, but not much fiction.  He decided to not participate in our OTR production, because it was ‘Fiction’.  Perhaps Tom has a handle on what GOD’s will is. Perhaps his constant reading of Scripture is the key to “getting REAL”. I start each morning with Pastor Adrian Roger’s “Life Worth Living” and a daily devotional visit to Bible Gateway. Waterwader is a result of my time in the Word, but I also spend time reading ‘fiction’. As you know, I love a good mystery novel. I’ve shared a list of my favorite ‘heroes’ and authors, but I failed to add Paul, Timothy, James, Luke, Mark, Matthew, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ruth, Esther, John, Joshua, Peter and true Heroes in JESUS “Hall of Faith”.  I must spend more time in getting real than otherwise. I am simply not ‘grown up’, spiritually, just yet. I’ve Got a Lot of Learnin’ to Do. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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