I Yelled “Fire!” When I Fell Into The Chocolate”

I thought of this ancient recording by the Smothers Brothers last Sunday night when the fire alarm rudely awakened me at 11:38PM.  My room alarm is very loud and it’s even louder out in the hall. I grabbed my robe and looked down each way and only one of my neighbors was evident.  In the lobby there were three ladies and Joe, our manager. The main alarm board showed a problem in Apartment 113, but there was no smoke evident. The local fire department was immediately on the scene with four totally outfitted firemen (they really do hang a lot of equipment on their suits).  As it turned out, it was a malfunction in a room sprinkler and so other than a mop-up in 113, all was well.  It did take a while for me to get to sleep again. Fire Alarms are serious and I do not propose to take their warning lightly, but it goes to show how our minds work in odd ways. “I Yelled FIRE!, when I fell into the chocolate.”  Weird for sure.  I must admit that during those sobering moments, I shared the concern of the ladies and my neighbor and was somewhat relieved when the manager said, “It was just a malfunction of a sprinkler”.  Thank GOD!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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