They All Laughed When We Sat Down to Play

The crowd is gone. The Dining Room is dark and all is well. Many weeks of preparation and interruptions later, the OTR Ensemble of Colonial Village can rest, assured that we gave it all we had. I have learned the value of ‘Ensemble’ over many years, performing under different circumstances.  In order to achieve it, everyone must develop an affection for the production and  for each other. Performers, both amatuer and professional, have egos that conflict with authority, so it has been my goal to focus on the words on the pages of the script, or the notation of choral music, encouraging internalizing of intent and interpretation. The OTR Ensemble was working through the handicap of interpretation without movement. It isn’t easy and they did a remarkable job. The dining room at Colonial Village served our purpose and with the help of our management team and serving staff, we welcomed over 50 of our residents and their guests. Our resulting video is being uploaded on YouTube as I write this. The re-enactment of the original NBC radio script of a June, 1950 broadcast is set as if in the studio in Hollywood.  The cast sat behind a table with their scripts in hand and ‘broadcast’ over “KCVL” radio.  My video effort is limited to one view from my Kindle Fire. I couldn’t ask for a better effort by my  “amateur -professional” cast (I gave each a $1 check). The entire performance was very close to the duration of that orginal broadcast.(just over 30-minutes) and I invite you to look in. I will check the upload and if acceptable, I will publish the YouTube location on a special ‘waterwader’.  “Father Knows Best” is a direct result of prayer and perseverance.  After all, when two or more pray, Our FATHER knows it’s our best and blesses it, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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