And the Show Will Go On

Back in February, we began preparation for our “Father Knows Best” presentation. Our cast of residents has changed a bit, but the original members outnumber later additions. I sometimes have thought it unwise to continue to organize performing groups. I simply do not have the energy, nor do I have the ‘burning’ of old, but I also am determined to not give up and keep doing as long as I can.  OTR (Old Time Radio) Ensemble has worked very hard to do this program as best we can.  Most of my cast has never done anything like this, but there are a few who understand to dedication required to prepare.  Doctor’s appointments have done havoc with our 1pm rehearsals, but through it all, we have endured and tomorrow night at 7pm the OTR Ensemble of Colonial Village will recreate the home of the Andersons of Springfield. We will be reading, just as they did, as if in a radio studio. I am careful to avoid revealing too much about my neighbors, but the first names of my cast will suffice.  Jim Anderson (Robert Young’s role) will be read by Joe. Jean is Mrs. Anderson; Wanda is Betty, their teen-aged daughter; Ann will read their 10-year-old daughter, Kathy and Grace Edwards; Billie is Mrs. Collins; Robert is Harry Edwards; Gayle is our Voices; A.J. is SFX and Attica will be our Announcer.  I  pray all goes well and those who attend will think it worthwhile to have been here.  Pray that be so.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

2 thoughts on “And the Show Will Go On

  1. I feel confident that all will go well with your latest venture. You have always come out of everything ‘smelling like a rose’. Best wishes to all of your cast members and of course, the director.


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