When They Grow Up

I did some injustice as a teacher. I have attempted to rectify my error in most cases, but there has been one action I took that has always remained in my ‘uncomfortable memories’ drawer. Just as we were in the final days of preparation for our 1959 New York trip, one of my most outstanding young men did what I had warned not to do and I did what I promised to do. It was nothing more than a spoken interruption, but it came at a wrong time and the consequences cost him the trip. After that, I was always careful to not make threats to do anything unless I was sure my decision was appropriate and justified. His outburst in showing off, cost him and to his credit, he took it. I knew I had over-reacted, but as a new teacher, I had to do as I said. I had wanted to attend his class reunion this past month so that I could tell him how I feel, but since it didn’t come about, I wrote him a note, delivered by my daughter. I want to share the final paragraph. It shouts of Christian response and strength of character. I shall carry Glenn’s message as a lesson well worth learning. Here is what he said in closing:

While I do consider it a defining moment in my life, it has never defined my life like the events that followed from it have.

I think we are both too far along in life to carry regrets with us…I have have few. Bottom line is that nothing bad, long term, resulted from any decision you made about me…I was a kid smart assing off who got the whistle blown on him and was caught red-handed showing off for some girl I found later didn’t even remember the incident.

Take care and maybe we’ll see one another at our 60th.



GOD willing, Glenn, you can count on my getting there, even if by ‘thumb’!

What a blessing for parents when youngsters grow into men and women of principle and integrity. I, too, know that feeling. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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