A “Mother Moment”

I wish to share another moment of praise to GOD for what I read from my youngest daughter. She posted this on Facebook, so that makes it ‘public domain’. Jeanie and Alan did everything medically possible to have children, but GOD has something else in mind.  After years of disappointment, they were given opportunity to adopt twins of Pocono Indian lineage.  Austin and Marilyn are just too precious for words. Their home is one of love and nourishing. As you would imagine, it is difficult to find the moment to tell adopted children the truth. Here is Jeanie’s Epiphany, in her own words:

“Living a “lie by omission” for five years was exhausting.
Last week, thanks to Doc McStuffins show on adoption, Marilyn was prompted to say, “Momma, we were given to you, right?”…

I stopped breathing. Prayed that “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..” kind of prayer that holds a mountain of requests..
Paused the tv and had “the” talk that I’ve feared with such an intense fear for 5 years.
The advice from
Georgia Hebert Rutherford echoing in my head, “NEVER lie to your children, and tell them so. Even when they ask about Santa, respond with, “think about that before you ask..do you really want me to answer that?”

We talked, Austin struggled a little with it as his assumption was that they were “always in my tummy” (insert the true heartbreak). Then, “who’s tummy did we come from?”

Thanks to a very open and honest adoption, that was the easiest part. Thanks to an incredibly unselfish lady, they are at peace knowing that she loved them so much she did what she thought was best for them.
Thank you, Felicia Fifi Roye, for being the best birth mom, even through those harder times, paving the way for ME to be their mom.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day”

Happy Mother’s Day, indeed.  And, a proud Poppa too.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

2 thoughts on “A “Mother Moment”

  1. I too was adopted and was told at a very early age, around 3 years old. In retrospect I think the earlier the better. I was taken at 3 days of age so never new anyone other than my adopted parents. I can say that it never made a difference to me, why should it? I had parents that were the very best and that chose me no matter the circumstance! I never wondered nor did I go searching for my biological parents. Why should I? They had their reasons and I was given a gift of a mother and father that gave me all I needed and an unconditional love that could never be surpassed by anyone! Why be afraid to tell your children the truth? They will accept it knowing they have love that was offered without reservation. I cannot imagine having better parents than God chose for me!!


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